Looked after Young People

twilight - looked after young People

Arts Care with a team of expert ten project artists delivered an Arts project to Looked after Young People in residential settings across all Health and Social Care Trust areas. An experienced team of Arts Care artists from a range of arts disciplines engaged the young people in photography, creative writing, dance, film-making music and visual arts. These activities took place in the residential units. The young people created a series of art works that transformed their lived environments. This was building on work created in 2016/17. A series of art works including printing, collage and painted canvases were created by the young people and installed in the different residential units. A Music Soundscape was also created by the young participants with lyrics of their experiences
as teenagers.

The artworks were exhibited in the Arts Care Gallery at the Arts Care Central Office, Belfast in December 2017. The arts process and end product of an art exhibition assisted Arts Care to fulfil the objective of sustaining high quality arts engagement for the most vulnerable young people in residential care.
Data analysis of feedback demonstrated the young participants experienced an increased levels of self-esteem and self-confidence as a direct result of participating in the project. These outcomes built on similar outcomes from 2016/17 project.

The impact of the Twilight Zone Project was measured through the following key performance indicators and tools:

Participant Experience - informal interviews with the young people and staff during the arts workshop secured data on the young
participant’s experience of the project.

Value of the Art Exhibition – secured through reflective feedback. The experience of the art exhibition was captured through recorded
reflections. The young people indicated that their art work showcased in an art exhibition gave them a real sense of achievement.
The art exhibition was valuable for the young people in that they were able to invite their family, friends and staff to attend and to see
what they had achieved. Positive comments from the young people’s families were greatly valued by the participants.

Enhanced well-being – Informal discussions were undertaken with the young people and the healthcare staff participating on the project.
The outcomes of the discussions highlighted how the young participants continued to have an enhanced sense of well-being as a result of
participating in this project.