Eddie Rafferty

Southern Health and Social Care Trust
Armagh & Dungannon Area

Eddie Rafferty has been working as an artist for the past ten years. He draws his inspiration from people, the landscape and their histories. He studied fine art at the University of Ulster in Belfast, and his work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. He is represented in public art collections in Africa, America, Australia and Europe. He has taken part in residencies in Ireland and South Africa.

“As a boy growing up I have always been fascinated with stories or lies what ever way you look at it and the images that they conjure up. I started drawing from these memories, maybe trying to relive a story that has been told or passed on, trying to make sure it doesn’t fade away.”
“For the past three years I have been an artist in residence in the Armagh / Dungannon Trust. During this time I have worked with people with a physical or learning disability and those with a mental health illness. We have explored individual life experiences in the mediums of painting, ceramics, printmaking and film. Our work has been exhibited on two occasions in the Armagh Market Theatre; this introduced the work being carried out to the local community, which gave a sense of pride and professionalism to the artists involved. During my time at the trust I have worked on numerous pieces of artwork, part of my job as an artist is to help and watch someone else’s idea’s form and take shape to see new approaches – I find this to be a great inspiration.”


BA Hons Fine Art: Specialising in Printmaking and Drawing, University of Ulster at Belfast.
Recipient Grand Diploma of Graphic Art 10th biennial
Recipient Bosnia and Herzegovina and Galway Crystal Prize 2004