Clare McComish

Northern Ireland Hospice

I have been Arts Care’s artist in residence with NI Hospice Care for over two years.

Within that time I have set up and run many different art projects working in various media that include ceramics, print, murals, painting, mosaic and photographic digital media/animation. I have introduced creative writing and various musicians to hospice services with great success.

In the last two years we have developed a gallery space in Somerton House Adult Hospice. The ‘Somerton Gallery’ exhibitions run every six weeks with patients and professional artists show casing their work.

I have strived to create funding opportunities to develop projects further in the case of Horizon House Children’s Hospice we created and installed an exterior wall mosaic. More recently we have introduced digital filming/animation into our program and would like to produce more multi media short stories that give a voice to service users and providers alike.