Current Research

Dr Jenny Elliott – Former Dancer in Residence with South & East Belfast Trust and present CEO of Arts Care -:
PhD in Evaluation of the Benefits of Dance to Young Men with Acquired Brain Injuries. (Funded by Arts Care and South and East Belfast Trust)

Completed Research

Lorna Hastings – Former CEO of Arts Care: An MA in Cultural Management, with dissertation looking at background to arts and health and an evaluation framework.
Dreams Project: Mater Hospital; a 3-year study with 5 groups looking into the benefits of Arts activities. (Funded jointly by Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Mater Hospital and Arts Care). For further information please contact Arts Care  at 2 Crescent Gardens, Belfast. BT7 1NS.
Tel: 02890 311122. Email

Arts Care’s goal is to bring Art to the community, and specifically to make it more accessible to those members of the community to whom it is usually inaccessible.

Ultimately Arts Care is offering an opportunity to find an alternative mode of expression or simply to take part as a hobby. Arts Care also aims to improve the quality of life of participants and to allow the staff and residents of health care facilities to make a contribution to their immediate environment and thereby take ownership of it.

However, many artists and participants have noted additional benefits, including some therapeutic qualities of programmes. Embarking on a project, independently or collaboratively, can be a journey of self-discovery and renewal for participants. It can provide an opportunity to work through and express negative emotions and experiences, and even to transform them into positive and creative outlets.

A lowering of stress levels, increased confidence and improved social skills are among the most common benefits observed by those who have had experience of an Arts Care project.

Creative Ageing Project Download pdf

Interdisciplinary Arts in Health Project 2009 Download pdf